Meet Alexsandra

I was born and raised in and around Boston, Massachusetts. While in high school, I worked as an intern in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, which is where my interest in public service began. After high school, I attended The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. After the loss of my father, I was largely on my own and simply couldn’t afford the tuition, which led me to pause my college education.

I returned to Boston for a short time before moving to Texas to begin my professional career. I have been a Texas resident for more than a decade. I have spent the past 15 years working in a range of industries, including production, art, public and private education, and as a grant writer.

I lived in Austin where I worked for the Austin Film Festival as a festival coordinator and assisted with grants. I also worked in the art department for Troublemaker Studios. After Austin, I moved to the small art haven of Marfa, where I was engaged and active in the community. I worked for several local businesses and institutions, overseeing projects and events as a production coordinator. I also worked in Marfa public schools, teaching art classes to students through a non-profit organization that subsidized the art programming after the school cut those funds from their budget. I also spent much time as a grant writer for an International School pilot program, working closely with that school’s board of directors.

I knew I needed to complete my university studies and in deciding to look at universities, I spent much time reflecting upon and considering where I would go to next, and El Paso kept ranking high on the list. I found the culture of El Paso and its people special, and the close-knit community reminded me of home. El Paso has offered me many opportunities and successes. The life-long friends I’ve made here in El Paso have taught me so much about myself and my new community. The success El Paso has given me has motivated me to give back.

My work experience in production has given me the skills to work in constantly evolving environments that present new challenges each day. My grant writing experience taught me to plan, think critically, and meet tight deadlines under intense pressure. And my experience working in public and private schools impressed upon me the budgetary, personnel, and capital improvement challenges large organizations face daily. I know that El Paso has a bright future, but El Paso needs bright leadership to realize that. We have seen our City government struggle recently on some of our most pressing issues related to quality of life, economic development, street and infrastructure enhancement, and capitalizing on this community’s culture and history. I want to work with the members of City Council to help steer those issues and projects in the right direction. And I believe my professional and personal experiences have given me the skills and tools to effectively collaborate with others and represent my community.